• 20 nozzles medium pressure misting kit
  • 20 nozzles medium pressure misting kit
  • 20 nozzles medium pressure misting kit
  • 20 nozzles medium pressure misting kit
  • 20 nozzles medium pressure misting kit
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20 nozzles medium pressure misting kit

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Our NEO Misting Kit allows you to create a cool and fresh area outdoors thanks to the Mid-pressure pump integrated. 

Perfect for a patio or a pergola, you will relish your summertime outdoors thanks to an excellent quality of mist at the best price!

Silent and compact, you will love its built-in timer and play with its control device.

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NEO Misting Kits increase water pressure by using a pump that micronizes water into fine droplets. Those fine droplets will evaporate in the air and will turn hot weather into a cool summer. 

This simple and economical solution has the particularity of creating a fine mist that will release coolness.

Your NEO is equipped with a built-in timer, a filter and an anti-drip system.

Filtration is integrated to protect your system from impurities while the digital timer will allow you to set up both running and pause times. 

The anti-drip system is handled by a combination of 2 innovative components; a high-pressure solenoid valve and specific nozzles. 

Due to its design and materials selection, the NEO pump is Easy to use, silent, efficient and eco-friendly.


Simple and Quick Installation

To Install a NEO misting Kit, it’s child’s play!!

“It’s like a Dishwasher”
The Misting kit is directly connected to a plug, a city water supply and needs and an evacuation to enjoy the Anti-drip system. 

Unroll the tube, push to connect the tube with nozzle holders, install your mist line along your support (Pergola, Arbour, Wall,...). Once it’s done you need to screw the nozzle and enjoy your summertime outdoors. 

NEO misting Kit is highly customizable, quick fittings give you the flexibility to design and outfit your terrace thanks to a large number of accessories.

This product can operate with a maximum of 30 nozzles.


This complete outdoor cooling system is composed of every component needed for the installation. It’s perfect for a terrace, a pergola, a patio, a pool house, and many other areas. 

This kit includes a pump with a built-in timer, 20 misting nozzlesnozzle holders, a 25 m length of HP tubing (black or white), 25 clamps, and a pipe cutter

The NEO pump was designed and manufactured in France for residential use. This product will meet your expectations thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio. Compact and efficient, it will adapt to any surface type.



Benefits are plenty: 

  • Temperature reduction up to 12 degrees Celsius*

  • Instant cooling  

  • Repels flying insects such as wasps, mosquitoes, and flies

  • Reduces dust

  • Keep cool and well-being guaranteed

* depending on initial temperature and hygrometry 

  • Electric motor 50Hz and 230V
  • I. max: 0.6 A
  • G3/4M Input / Ø8mm Output
  • Pressure Max: 13 bars
  • Built-in Timer
  • Flow at 13 bars: 2,1L/min
  • Size in cm (L x w x H ): 33 x 26 x 15
  • Weight: 4.6kg
  •  2 years Guarantee

Data sheet

  • Medium pump NEO with filter and digital control


  • PE pipe length

    25 m

  • Tube cutter


  • End line nozzle holder quick fitting


  • High pressure nozzle holder


  • Anti-drip misting nozzle Ø 0.5mm


  • Fixing collar ( black or white )


  • Max. pressure

    13 Bars

  • Misting Timer


  • Range




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