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Low pressure misting kit 8 nozzles


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The Brumizeo family kit is the only existing system that allows you to enjoy your outdoors during hot weather.

 Thanks to it, your kids will be able to play outdoors without suffering from high temperatures while you will be relaxing by the pool.

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Easy and Fast to install, your Misting Kit can connect easily to your garden tap and will use your city water pressure. 

Misting consists of atomising water into micro-droplets which, as they evaporate, become a very effective way to fight heat waves.

Water cools down the air by evaporation


This Misting Kit delivered fully equipped is perfect for a terrace, a garden or even a children playground.

This Kit includes a 10m White Pipe, a connexion to your garden tap8 Nozzles and their Holders10 fixing collars and a pipe cutter.



  • Lowering temperature up to 10°C

  • Instant cooling

  • Repels flying insects such as wasps, mosquitoes, and flies

  • Reduce Dust

  • Keep cool and well-being guaranteed

PE pipe length 10 m
Number of misting nozzles Ø 0.5mm 8
Nozzle holder 7
Color White
Tube cutter 1
End line nozzle holder quick fitting 1
Fixing collar + screws 10
Misting drain 1
Tap connection fitting 1
Misting Timer NOT INCLUDED
Range Family


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