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Professional Misting Fan WATE'R


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This mobile Misting Fan can cool an outdoor area of 30 to 40m² thanks to its High Pressure pump.

Lowering the temperature and keeping flying insects away are immediate actions of High Pressure Misting.

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Professional Misting Fan is a mobile solution


High-Pressure Misting Kits utilize a 60 bars pump that atomizes water and transforms it into microdroplets. Water is converted thanks to specific nozzles into an extremely fine mist diffused by our fan.

Water cools down the air by evaporation

Our Professional Misting Fan is a mobile solution equipped with a High Pressure pump and 4 HP Nozzles.



Benefits are plenty: 

  • Easy to install Does not wet
  • Adjustable (Height and Tilt)
  • Oscillating
  • Silent
  • 3 Diffusion speeds
  • Can be used with or without misting
  • 5µ Filtration integrated
  • Electric motor 1450 rpm at 50Hz and 230V
  • 60 bars High-Pressure pump
  • Ø 70cm Fan with 3 diffusion speeds
  • Outdoor Misted Surface: 30 to 40m2
  • Adjustable Heights
  • Weight: 48 Kg
  • Low Pressure Input : Clip connection M


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