BRUMIZEO is the residential division of the European leader of High-Pressure Misting solutions

Our brand is dedicated to the commercialisation and online sales of Misting Products and Kits for individuals and professionals.
With over 10 years of experience, we already distributed more than 6000 systems worldwide.

BRUMIZEO offers you more than 150 products dedicated to Misting Solutions on its website. Whether you are seeking a High or Low Pressure Misting Kit, or just nozzles, Brumizeo is made for you! We’re giving you the possibility to choose different types of French Made Misting Kit, in a few clicks you can buy yours.

Everyday, in our warehouse, we manufacture High and Low Pressure Misting Kits, that we are very proud to call France quality.


Brumizeo designs and manufactures its products in France in order to offer the best quality products you can find. We master every element composing a Misting Kit.

If you have any idea or any project involving Misting Systems, do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will give advice on how to adapt our products to your needs. 

Brumizeo’s Team is sharing his entire knowledge and experience to make you happy with our Misting products.


We possess a permanent stock and the reactivity that allows you to receive your product within 3-7 days in the whole world. 

Every product we are manufacturing cannot leave our warehouse without being tested and approved by our quality control. This is the reason why we can offer you a 2 year warranty(*) on each of our Misting Kits.

Innovation and Development are very important to us, in order to find technical solutions to keep you refreshed by our efficient and economical products. 

Thanks to the quality materials we use, our products are designed to last a long time. 

If you have any questions or a Misting project, we will be pleased to help you and find the best Misting solution for your needs. You will see, we will answer you within 24 hours.  

(*) in compliance with the conditions of guarantee and use.